Discover Oregon Chardonnay

A Case In Pointe

“It is easy to see why Chardonnay is both loved and grown around the world. It’s a grape that provides a canvas for a wide array of flavors, from fruity and flinty to toast and nutty, sure to please any palate and pair with a variety of meals. Oregon is showing that not only can it give Burgundy a run for its money with Pinot Noir, but also with the French region’s famous white wine grape.” – PAUL GREGUTT

Oregon Chardonnay

Fresh, bright, creamy, delicious.

Whether grown in warm or cool climate regions, Chardonnay thrives. And whether clothed in oak, stainless steel, concrete or whatever vessel you choose, Chardonnay wears it beautifully. It is one of the most versatile wine grape varieties grown, and one of the most widely cultivated in the world. But Oregon is definitely the sweet spot for Chardonnay.

The descriptors for Oregon Chardonnay are endless: fresh, bright and creamy. Lemon zest, orange, apple, pear, pineapple, banana, white peaches, honeysuckle, apricot, mixed tropical fruits. Followed by complex and textural with baking spice highlights. And culminating with sexy, pretty and delicious!

There’s an Oregon Chardonnay ready to pair with every occasion. You are invited to sip and explore, perhaps at this very moment!

quotation [DANCIN] produces excellent Chardonnays.
These Chardonnays mix clones like an artist blends paints into a unique color.”

- Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Discover DANCIN Chardonnay

Unknown, unexpected, unlike any other.

“Oregon Chardonnay is not a calling card. Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris rank above Chardonnay in terms of wines produced in this state, but nonetheless Oregon Chardonnay does offer diverse expressions and none quite like the DANCIN label from Southern Oregon’s Medford region. A subversive Chardonnay that drinks more like an old world Chablis, this is a quiet wine, one that does not announce itself with boisterous oak, ML or anything other than an alluring nod, a wine so bright, clean and fresh it belies the stereotype of Chardonnay altogether. There is a wonderful compelling acidity, minerality and crispness one does not find often, in spite of the fact this was aged on the lees and hand stirred once a month.”

“In essence, this is the antithesis of the Chardonnay butter bomb, and a reminder of how good and delicate Chardonnay can actually be, and how Oregon continues to express itself with wines that find their own sense of place.” –MICHAEL CERVIN


quotation This destination feels almost utopian.”

- Sunset Magazine

Experience DANCIN

Find a warm welcome just off the beaten path.

DANCIN is a love story.

It is the marriage of science and art. The pairing of simple Italian fare and fine wine. And the sincere passion of Dan and Cindy – who formed DANCIN in 1995 and planted their first vineyard in 2009.

DANCIN is the discipline of cultivating four distinct clones of Chardonnay along with seven separate clones of Pinot noir to create several exquisite expressions of Oregon Chardonnay and Pinot noir. We blend these clones the way an artist mixes hues on a painter’s palette. We also artfully craft Barbera, Sangiovese, Syrah, Zinfandel and Port-style Pinot noir.

Our wines and vintages are named after movements within ballet, a form of dance wherein dedication and discipline are integral to the grace and beauty of the final performance.

Every bottle of DANCIN, each glass of our award-winning wine, is the harmonious interplay of art and science—a dynamic dance of soil, sun, ancient alchemy, modern technology and human touch. You are invited to join in the process, and taste the transformation.

quotation You’ll vow to ditch crowded tasting-room counters forever after a sunny afternoon at this beautifully pastoral setting.”

- Sunset Magazine

DANCIN Winery and Tasting Room

Experience the essence of the Oregon lifestyle.

DANCIN is a dance with our guests. Each wine tasting, each food pairing, each day at our vineyard is a performance that invites our visitors to experience the essence of the Oregon lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

The result is delicious. Our award-winning Burgundian-style Pinots and our critically acclaimed Chardonnays along with the other varietals we produce are truly world-class. Our food is simple, terroir-inspired Italian fare using the freshest local ingredients.

Our winery and tasting room are set magnificently on the forested foothills of Southern Oregon overlooking the Rogue Valley, one of the most unique terroirs in the wine making world. You’ll imagine that you have been transported to Tuscany or Burgundy, or both!

But you are here at DANCIN, a culinary and viticulture destination of beauty, taste, style, authentic hospitality and award-winning wine.

Welcome to the dance!