The Region

Southern Oregon and the Rogue Valley

“Ancient rivers preceded the uplifting of mountains in Southern Oregon, which take their place as some of the oldest geologic formations in the state. Combined with the variations of soil and the convergence of the Cascade, Coastal Range, and Klamath Mountains, Southern Oregon’s landscape offers ideal growing conditions to over 70 wine grapes. It is known for its diversity, even within single vineyards. A snapshot of DANCIN Vineyards outside of Jacksonville shows a 10 degree drop from the top of the vineyard to the bottom due to elevation and the shadow cast by the surrounding forested hillside.” – Oregon Wine Press

Explore the Place

Enjoy a relaxed tableside experience while drinking in the views.

“On this day, when the retiring sun painted slots and angles on the Rogue Valley, a lively group of people drank wine around outdoor tables in what felt like a small Italian town’s piazza. The lovely wines, the lighter-than-air pizzas, a piazza buzzing with conversations, this all seemed a world away as I flew into Seattle.” -1859 Magazine

Enjoy one our handcrafted Chardonnays alongside a freshly prepared, locally inspired bite and taste the unique experience known as DANCIN!


quotation [DANCIN] quickly developed a cult-like following for their young Chardonnay program.”

- Portrait Magazine

Explore the Land

Cradled in the beautiful forested foothills.

DANCIN is a collection of unique vineyard plantings of Oregon Chardonnay and Pinot noir located just above the historic gold rush town of Jacksonville, each contributing its own individuality (terroir) to the overall diversity of our growing sites. Our vineyards are primarily planted on northeast facing slopes that are situated at elevations between 1710 and 1960 feet above sea level, each of which having its own distinct microclimate. The forested surroundings provide cooling shade during each afternoon of the growing season, which provides the opportunity to achieve the perfect balance of flavors, ripeness and acid retention.

quotation A perfect wine country experience.”

- Hilarie Larson