Naturally Expressing the Multifaceted Flavors of Chardonnay

Utilizing the naturally cascading topography of its estate, DANCIN has positioned its gravity flow winery facility eight to ten feet into the naturally cooling earth. It is the culmination of a vision to produce the finest Oregon Chardonnay possible from its estate and other premium vineyard partners.

Taste the Transformation

An artisanal, hands-on approach.

DANCIN’s winery was designed in accordance with the centuries-long tradition of ultra-gentle winemaking in the Burgundy region of France, which focuses on preserving the natural soul and essence of the Chardonnay grape. This simple and elegant style of winemaking eschews many of the modern conveniences afforded by industrial winemaking processes such as harsh pumps, fruit augers and otherwise unnecessary actions that can damage and detract from the beauty of Chardonnay. We also carefully select the finest French oak barrels that allow the fruit to take center stage.

This artisanal, hands-on approach means that no detail is overlooked, no corners are cut, and no compromises are made during the crafting of our wines.

You are invited to join in the process and taste the transformation at DANCIN!

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quotation Here, you sit at a picnic table under a giant walnut tree, enjoying a wood-fired pizza and a bottle of DANCIN’s limited-production estate Chardonnay.”

- Sunset Magazine

Fall in Love with Oregon Chardonnay

Sometimes you just feel like DANCIN.

DANCIN artfully prepares hand-crafted, world-class Chardonnay in the Burgundian-style from its estate vineyard and vineyard partners throughout Southern Oregon and the Willamette Valley. Using sustainable farming practices, attention to detail and classic old-world techniques, DANCIN wines are traditional and artisanal. The estate vineyard boasts a northeast-facing slope benefitting from the late afternoon shade provided by the surrounding tall pines and cedars, making it the perfect terroir for Chardonnay with a sense of place.

Producing up to nine unique expressions of Oregon Chardonnay for each vintage, DANCIN has a Chardonnay for every occasion!


quotation  Not only does DANCIN have the best label art, its dining and wine-tasting spaces inspire conversation. If not for the camera function to capture the beautiful vistas, cell phones would be neglected in favor of old-fashioned banter.”

- 1889 Magazine